Getting Started Using PolyHub

As described on our page detailing the PolyHub Grid Computing implementation, our strategy is to use the technical infrastructure developed as part of the Open Science Grid and to extend this functionality in order to meet research collaboration goals of PolyHub.

The PolyHub Website is the central resource for information about the EVO, member documentation, technical details, and the PolyHub Data Archive. The site uses the TWiki web platform to enable collaborative documentation. We feel this is very important to enable the easy creation and distribution of information relevant to the EVO. PolyHub members and collaborators should register an account in order to access the full editing functionality of the site. As described in the section on Using The PolyHub Grid, you will soon be able to use your personal grid certificate for PolyHub website authentication. We will announce when this feature is available.

PolyHub Grid Infrastructure

Most of the backend technical infrastructure of PolyHub uses grid computing components developed and integrated as part of the Open Science Grid. The four major components of this infrastructure are

  1. The chain of trust grid certificate system
  2. The Virtual Organization membership publication service.
  3. The Open Science Grid Compute Element service
  4. The Open Science Grid Storage Element service (including the Data Archive)

We have a dedicated section on Using The PolyHub Grid for PolyHub members and collaborating Grid sites.

PolyHub Mailling Lists

We have two major mailing lists serving the PolyHub community. As we grow, we will add new lists to address specific area of interest and member support. Members are encouraged to sign all emails using their PolyHub grid certificate.